Friday, February 12, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for “I Scream, Ice Cream!”

Yesterday we went to a most delectable ice cream shop, I Scream, Ice Cream. Mom got Carmel, Celine got 1\2 mint chocolate chip, 1\2 cookies-n-cream, Lillian got mint chocolate chip, and I got cheese cake-berry ice cram on a cone. It was DELITIOUS!! Here are some pics.

"Yummy" :D

Me eating my cheese cake, berry ice cream. It was some of the best ice cream I have ever had.


Wasn't expecting Celine to take a picture of me. Real attractive right!!

Lillian, Celine, and me at the ice cream shop.

Swingin’ on the swings outside the ice cream shop.



This is what we were saying,

“Hi from Jerusalem! Were at the ice cream shop with swings! They have all different kinds of ice cream. It’s very good! Yummy! Shalom, Bye!” Doesn't sound very intelligent, oh well!

We’re like 4 minutes away from the ice cream place.

Remember this?:

"park on curb" sighn










Because I now have a pic of a car doing it: A car parked on the curb (duhh)








It is sooo funny seeing how these people park. There are actually parking slots on the side walk.

HPIM2660 Ohh, the people here seem to be very smart about the way they go about saving energy. They have recycling bins next to almost every public trash can. They keep everything unplugged when not in use.


Here is a video of me saying hi:


Well, this has been a very discombobulated blog post. Ohhh well.

Shalom from Tally, Lehitraot!


Nanny said...

Dear Tally, So happy you found some good ice cream. What is the Hebrew word for ice cream? See if you can get the recipe to see what makes it so good. Ice cream in Italy is called gelato and it is really really rich and creamy. Hate to brag, but I'm getting 3 mornings of breakfast-in-bed AND a brand new left knee for my birthday. How about that?
Tonight the Winter Olympics started in Vancouver. Naturally I am watching the ice skaters to see if they are as good as your Mom!!
Love, Nanny

Kathleen & Girls said...

Happy early birthday Tally! Wow! You fooled me with that whole incognito thing! Such a silly girl :D

Very cool that they are so good at recycling and conserving energy there. Are you guys gonna come back more "green"?

Love you!

Tina said...

Okay, so you made me laugh and cry at the same time. I'm not so sure that the closeness of the ice cream shop is such a good thing. Ha! ha! I do love the swings though. What a neat and fun idea. Your video was hilarious. How did you do that? It looks like you are learning some technical stuff on the computer. I am tearing up because I really miss you gals and guy. You are all so special!

caroline said...

Tally! How did you know that discombobulated was my favorite word? Rock on!