Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hi again, from Celine

Posted by Celine

About 2 weeks ago we moved from Harav Hen  to 6 Hanassi, and by move I mean move . So the first time we went we just had to go up one set of stairs so it was pretty easy.  The second  time we went up we had to go up like 60 steps (I didn’t count them but it was alot) and a very very steep hill .The third time we went with less stuff to carry so it was very easy . And that i think was a work out .

Celine in the super market.
HPIM2593 Tally, Celine and Lillian dressed up as cats during a day at home. The were so cute. We didn’t realize how many black clothes we brought. The ears are pants they have put on their heads, Lillian is wearing Tally’s shirt, etc.
HPIM2608   The flower box outside our back window. It should look great when the flowers get bigger. The black cords are the irrigation they use here. It is everywhere.
HPIM2606 White petunias in one of our pots.
HPIM2607 Varied petunias in another pot.

Right now we’re settled in our new apartment , we have done lots of things like  plant flowers in our back yard (we each got to pick out our own flower), cook many Israeli foods, go to the super market and got so many groceries that we got milk for free.  (I especially like the toasted pasta, the spinach, tomatoes, rice and beef was good. Mom is cooking a lot here). We’re having fun but I still miss my friends. It would be fun if you guys were here with me climbing all these hills and seeing all these things that we read about in the Bible. 

Today, we did laundry again. While the clothes dried on the line, we took another walk through Old City. Tally went with dad to Old City on Sunday so today they showed us some cool things they had done. I especially liked the Church of St. Anne. They believe that Mary’s mom was born here. We sang Amazing Grace in the chapel and it sounded so cool. There is a 7-second echo underneath the dome.

DSC_0007 Toasted Pasta, shaped like couscous. It has been Celine’s favorite meal so far. It is flavored with chicken broth.
DSC_0006 Our whole dinner that night was pita bread, hummus, strawberries, apples and toasted pasta.

Dad’s got a funny look.

I hope you guys get on Skype. We have had fun talking on Skype to our cousins, Copeland, Kaitlyn and William, our Nanny, Grandpa and our friends, Eric, Robin, Chase, Samuel and Elliott. I hope more of you are able to call. We are usually in by 8pm (12-1 pm Central/Eastern Time).

Video call snapshot 4 Skyping with cousins, Copeland and Kaitlyn and Aunt Kathleen. They were in for the day because of the Snowmaggedon they are having in DC.
Video call snapshot 3 Skyping with Eric, Chase and Samuel. They even serenaded us on their piano, sweet.

Robin and Elliott was with them but had to rush off somewhere.

Well I hope that all of  you guys are doing  well.

Lehit! Celine


Carole L Robishaw said...

Celine, you make such an adorable cat! I wish we could be there with you, too.
How is the weather there? We have had several inches of snow and ice.

love u

Carole L Robishaw said...

Oh, we tried to do skype, but it won't download and we haven't had a chance to take the laptop to a place with faster internet yet. Maybe next week! Then we can skype with you, too.

Kathleen said...

Why did you dress up as kitties? Who are Eric, Chase and Samuel? What do you mean by "move I mean move"? How do you make Toasted Pasta?
(from Kaitlyn)

Dressing up like kitties is cool. I wish I was there too.
(from Copeland)

The Toasted Pasta with chicken broth looks good. You'll have to bring some of that back with you if you can. It is fascinating for us to read things/places in the Bible and know that you guys are there to see it all. Cherish that. I'm not sure at your age I would have appreciated it as much as I would now if I went over there as an adult so I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it.

And...uh hum...I thought you weren't going to use that picture of us!! Good grief! LOL :)
(from Aunt Kathleen)

Love you all and can't wait to see you when you return.
(from all of us :) )

Nanny said...

Dear Celine, I bet the flowers will be real pretty in a few weeks. We are still having snow so everybody here will be ready for Spring. So are the black hoses in the pictures hooked up to a water fountain somewhere? What is the temperature there? Have you met The Piano Man yet? Does he take requests? HA!
Love, Nanny

Tina said...

Boo, hoo, hoo! I am bummed that I don't have the ability to Skype yet! Celine you are doing a great job in describing some of the fun things that you all are doing and the everyday things that you are getting to do. I especially liked the cat outfits. That would be the only type of cats that I could deal with and/or keep. Well, I gotta go check on Colby now. It's late and Collin, Trent and Mr. Billy are away on a 3000 plus acre ranch hunting for the weekend. We miss all of you so very much but are so thankful that you guys are getting this opportunity.