Robishaw Poster Contest

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Leslie B submitted this one with the comments:
"The paparazzi caught this one of the famous Eric Robishaw as he made his way to class in the latest Israeli fashion!"
Thanks Leslie.

Robishaw Poster Contest Description

Today we got the best email. This is laugh-out-loud funny commentary of our trip from Nanny (Colleen’s mom). Love it…

I want Eric H. [nephew] and maybe all the other grandkids, also, to draw a picture of the Robishaws in Israel. For example, there is Aunt Colleen hanging out the clothes on the clothesline...or sitting on her suitcase of clean clothes on the way back from the washer and drier. Then there is the family waiting for the sun to come out before they can shower, then others are standing in line waiting to shower and ready to kill the person that uses up all the warm water. Then Uncle Eric is walking to school...up and down and up and down.... Aunt Colleen is at the "suk" buying stuff from different vendors...definitely not meat and cheese from the same person!!! And then there are Celine and Tally NOT ordering cheeseburgers at McD's. You get the point. It would be so interesting and fun......for us now...for the Robishaws when they get back to the good ole USA. How about The Piano Man upstairs and the President's Guards outside??? There is so much!!!!!You could go back to the old blogs for more ideas for your huge poster and then add to it everytime you get another blog. I think that would be a good project for Eric H. or others for a school project. Yes??? for extra credit Oh MY!!! What a marvelous idea I have!!!

My right arm is sore from patting myself on the back so much!!!

We got quite a laugh, very funny. Thanks for that.

Now, I propose a picture contest for all those watching our blog.

Submit your best picture (drawn on the computer or scanned), we’ll post them all. There will be one prize awarded for best representation of our experience, and another for most creative.

  • Prize: The winner gets an extra special treat brought to them from Israel and international fame. The 5 Robishaw’s will judge, all judgments final.
  • Deadline: Feb 15, 2010, midnight, Israel time!
  • Submit: Send an email attachment to the Robishaw’s email. If you need our email address, post a comment and give us your email address (don’t worry I won’t make your email address public).