Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poster Contest Winners

Category: Most Creative

Winner: Copeland Hemauer

Copelands Poster
(Click for a larger image)

Judges Reponses:

Eric: Superb perspective, love it.  Especially love that Tally is facing the opposite direction, like she’s distracted, staring at the guy taking the trash out – that’s so Tally. The people in different poses is so creative—like Copeland is here seeing it herself.

Colleen: The number of people on the streets is so representative of here … there are always people out. The cats in different poses is wonderful. Very artistic.

Tally: I like the different cats and how there are so many people. I like the guy taking out the garbage and the cat trying to get it. I also like the cat trying to lick the cat.

Celine: I like all the cats, especially the cat under the tree. I like how Lillian’s pulling dad and how Tally and I are yawning.

Lillian: I like all the cats and all the humans.


Category: Most Authentic

Winner: Kaitlyn Hemauer

Kaitlyn Poster 
(Click for a larger image)

Judges Reponses:

Eric: Love the house.  It looks so much like many of the buildings around here.  The smiling sun and the clouds are a wonderful touch.

Colleen: It represents the stone buildings very well, and its very sunny in Jerusalem. Great job.

Tally: I like how everyone’s a different size – you got the proportions correct.  The window is awesome, and the ground color.

Celine: I like the big house and the smiley face on the sun and the big tall window thing.

Lillian: I like the house and the clouds and the sun and the humans and my name and of-course the window and I like the “age 8" … that’s all.


We’re loving it!

A Special Israeli gift is your well-deserved reward.


Unknown said...

I am very impressed with the winning poster! good job Copeland! Robin Dean

Kathleen & Girls said...

The girls are curious if they were the only entries - but they are still VERY happy they won!! :D Yeah!! (Mommy)

I like your comments. (in a sarcastic voice) Yes, of course you are yawning. :)
Well, (in another silly, yet awesome voice) See ya! (Copeland)

Love you guys! (Snort snort) Well, we miss you. Hope you are having a great time. I hope you like I put Aunt Colleen's hands up so she's surprised that she has a pretty house. I don't want you to think that Eric has cat ears. That was hair. So...bye. Remember - I miss you. Welll...we miss you guys (snort, snort). Bye again (Kaitlyn)

Eric H. said...

Congratulations! I am super glad you guys won the contest. I wish I turned something in. I really like the one with the cats, cuz they are just everywhere. And the one with stick figures is good too because of the sun (I really LIKE the sun). Love Eric H.

Nanny said...

My favorite is definitely Lillian leading Eric through the streets at a full run. It is as though she posed for the action picture. Now how did Susie know to include that pose for Lillian? DUH!!! What is Aunt Colleen saying in the meanwhile?

I thought the girls were calling the cats.