Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your Responses!

Posted by Colleen

100_9628I just wanted everyone to know how much we have enjoyed hearing from you. Every time we come home, we hurry to check our e-mail for messages. Celine is feeling much better and we spent the whole day out roaming again.


(can you find the bee in this pic?)

We broke our “fast” with Musli cereal and Cheerios. It was divine. This morning we got ready and headed out toward the Knesset to visit the Israeli Museum. We toured the Lands of 100_9626the Bible Museum but  will go again on Tue to the Israeli Museum when the kids get in free. We walked through a most beautiful park full of wildflowers, beautiful rocks and trees.

This evening we were  treated to a trip to the Jerusalem Mall with Lida. We had a nice inexpensive 100_9625meal in the food court and picked up a couple of needed items. Lida is amazing. She took to my kids immediately and they loved her. It  was fun for them. I hope especially for Celine as she is still crying herself to sleep missing all of you. I love her tender heart and pray God will comfort her in His very special way.  100_9657

Eric, Colleen, Lida and Tally at the food court at Jerusalem Mall

We are ending our night with the movie Night at the Museum II. A Christmas gift from Abbey, one of our favorite people! Thanks Abbey.



Carole L Robishaw said...

Tell Celine Grandma misses her, too. So glad she's feeling better.

I've been sharing your blog with my FB and FW friends.

My FW's friends are very excited and really enjoying your posts. They have also all of you to their prayer lists.

Love ya, Grandma Carole & Grandpa Bill

Tina said...

I so enjoy the updates from you guys. I feel like I am on a mini vacation with all the pictures. Thanks so much for putting this all together.

Kathleen said...

Awww - I'm so sad to hear Celine is having such a hard time. I hope time will heal that soon. Can you tell her that the girls are excited to see all the pictures of you guys and her? Also - Kaitlyn asked why only Tally was in the picture of you guys at the food court. She wanted to see Celine and Lillian too ;)

Is Lida the contact to the school?

BTW - found the bee! ;) I won't tell where it is though so I don't spoil the hunt for others.... lol

Love you guys!!

Kaitlyn said...

Say hi to everyone for me I feel bad for Celine by.

Copeland said...

Miss you too Celine. Say hi to everyone, whoevers reading this right now. Tally, that was cool how we set up the animal/hotel/salon/daycare center (breathe). Good times,good times.
Sincerely; Copeland

Unknown said...

Shavuah tov!

El Delgado said...

Loving your blog. So good to see you all. You look soooo happy. Elijah says he wants to go and hang out with you guys. He thinks it is super cool that you all are so close to the places we have been studying in Geography.I'm with him, I want to be there with you all! Shalom!

Brianna said...

Hopefully you guys got some new tennis shoes for Celine!! [= they were the first thing we saw when we walked in the door! How could all of us not see them? Hope your doing fantabulous!! [=

Unknown said...

I just have to tell you - we prayed for yall today at coop, especially Celine. Jacob said, "God, help them since they are in a foreign country - well, foreign to them, not to You." How true! Miss you and hope to see you soon!