Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cats, Cats, And More Cats!!

Posted by Tally

OK, so when someone said that Israel had a lot of cats it was a lie, they don’t have a lot of cats they have an overabundance of cats. For example, as we were going to the “super” market (about the size of a Piggly Wiggly)  we counted more than eight cats!!   We went by way of a short, short cut. Anyway, the short cut took us through a garden which had a lime tree growing in it with, what looked to be, 3/4ths of the way grown limes. It smelled wonderful! There was also this beautiful bird with a black under belly and a bright navy blue top side. We got a pic. of it but unfortunately it wasn’t very good. Oh, we also went to see our apartment on Hanasi street today and there was a sign that said to park on the curb it was hilarious!! 



tina said...

Wow, I wonder if you have to take some extra driving lessons to perfect that skill of curb parking? I think we already do that sometimes here at the house. I am really enjoying hearing of your families vacation like stay. Have fun exploring more!
Love ya and miss ya, but this blog is great to keep in touch with.

caroline said...

That bird sounds really cool! I'm sad you didn't get a good picture.

caroline said...

That bird sounds so cool! I'm sad that you didn't get a better picture.