Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Celine’s Message

Posted by Celine

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the notes that you have sent to help me feel better. During the day, I love it here but when I go to bed I can’t stop thinking about everyone in America. Mom and Dad have let me sleep with them and I do much better. Today we are going to walk over and see the apartment we will be living in for  the rest of our time here. I’m looking forward to that.DSC_0047_00

DSC_0055_00When we went to the museum the other day, Lillian wanted to use her leash. I led her around. It was so funny. We played like she was my dog.

The other day, Lida, took us to a mall that looked very American. It was strange because we are in Israel and it looked so familiar. Lida is a friend we have made through mom’s friend, Karen, in Austin. Karen’s family lived in Jerusalem when she was 6 until she was 13. Karen babysat Lida’s son, Dror, who my mom got to meet in Austin while he was visiting the US. Lida was able to meet with our landlord and look at the apartment for us. Isn’t that neat? 

Lida has a very nice accent. I enjoy hearing her talk. She speaks English very well.

When we got to the mall, the police looked in the car to make sure we weren’t gonna do anything bad while in the mall. At the door, they checked our bags and we went through security. It was strange. In the middle of the mall, there was a large area selling dried fruit. The fruit was just sitting there so you could get it yourself. Dad got some cranberries, mango, apricots and kiwi. I didn’t have any.

When we were at the mall, the food court was in 2 sections: Meat and Dairy. This is because the mall is Kosher. Kosher means that you keep the dairy separated from meat. Dairy includes anything not meat but sometimes fish is included. In the apartment we are in right now, we have to be Kosher. We use one set of utensils for meat and another set for dairy. They are in separate drawers and the dishes are in separate cabinets. Even the pots and pans are separate. The dishwasher is only for meat, the toaster is only for dairy but both can go in the refrigerator. Anyway, back to the mall—we ate dinner when we first got there. You will never believe what I had! I ate at Burger King and got chicken and ff with a Sprite. The girl didn’t speak English so the man next to mom helped and used the word “off” for chicken. Lillian also had BK. Mom, Dad and Tally ate at other restaurants. Dad had schwarma which is a big piece of meat on a stick that rotates in the fire. It was put on a large piece of lafa bread with hummus, cucumber, tomatoes, french fries and other stuff. That is a common food you can buy when walking down the street. Mom had fish with potatoes and a salad. Tally had Chinese. Lida then helped us find a few things in the mall. They had a store that looked a lot like Walmart, just smaller and more crowded. 100_9396

Toilet with button on top and bag of kleenex

What I like in Israel are the markets. I like how they are open and just down the street. I like that we can walk everywhere. I like the funky toilets. The flusher is on top of the tank. Also, when you lock the door, it turns red to let people know you are in there. One toilet had a peddle on the floor to flush it. I like the wildflowers. Mom said she can’t wait till March when they really come out. I also like the big window in the back of our apartment. We can see forever. 100_9649

Standing by a monument in the park we walked through on the way to the museum. “Shmuel Bar Even, The Struggle, 1972”

Yesterday, I got to talk to my cousins, Copeland and Kaitlyn, and my Aunt Kathleen on Skype. It was cool. We could see them. We talked for about an hour. They kept goofing around. Tally and my dad were putting wigs and things on our heads using some software. It was really funny. I was also acting goofy and doing hand signals like “don’t make me snap my fingers…” and “whatever…" That was a lot of fun.

Shalom you guys!


Carol said...

Celine, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I'm a friend of your Grandma Carole on the Faithwriters Porch. I've been following your blog every day and love it! I have ten grandchildren myself.

I know I will never get to Israel myself so I love seeing it through your eyes. Thank you for explaining what it means to be Kosher in your house. That was cool!

I will look forward to your next posting!

Carol Penhorwood

Eric Robishaw said...

Shalom, Ms. Carol,
It is cool that people are reading this that I don't know. I'm glad you liked my post. Toda! (thank)

Eric Robishaw said...

Shalom, Ms. Carol,
It is cool that people are reading this that I don't know. I'm glad you liked my post. Toda! (thank)

Trish Weeks said...

Celine, what a great blog! You are very expressive. I feel like I'm there with you - will be soon! :-) You'll have to read my comment I left on the other post earlier. It was about Jacob praying for you at coop. I knew Jewish people had to do the whole kosher thing but never thought yall would have to in your apartment there. Different, huh? Everything sounds great and we are praying for you. Enjoy your time and your wonderful experience. We'll see you soon.

Tina said...

I really loved what you wrote. I can't wait to share this with the boys. Keep up the sharing of eyes for us and the moments.
Technology is great and it's like we are there with you.

Debra said...

I have really been enjoying your family posts. I have always wanted to travel to Isreal and it is wonderful to read all the details through your experiences! Celine reminds me of my experience as a young teenager when my family moved to Russia. I had such a hard time adapting at first, I was so homesick for anything familiar and "american", I even threw up and got anxiety headaches! So, my heart goes out to her, but like all hardships, those feelings did pass and I grew to love and appreciate the friends and experiences I was making. Good luck! (are you able to receive packeges? Would there be any small treats from the states that would help the kids? My thing was Reeses...and getting them in the mail was AMAZING!)