Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Trip Before the Trip

Arrived safely in MD Saturday evening.   We’ve now made it safely across the country and the bulk of our driving is complete.  

Here’s a short itinerary of our travels …


image Tu 1/12
Buda, TX Departure
11:00am-3:00pm McGregor, TX Susannah  and Family
11:30pm Collinsville, OK Arrive at Colleen’s mom’s
Wd 1/13 Collinsville, OK Catch up on some needed sleep, final travel arrangements, visit family
image Th 1/14
Collinsville, OK Departure
image 2:00-4:30 pm Rogers, AR Visit with Colleen’s childhood friend Debbie and Family
8:30pm N. Little Rock, AR Arrive at Eric’s Parents
Fr 1/15
N. Little Rock, AR Departure
image 4:00pm Memphis, TN Visit Elvis’ home, thank-you very much.
11:30pm Knoxville, TN Arrive for hotel stay
Sa 1/16
Knoxville, TN Departure
image 3:00pm Roanoake, VA Attempted drive down Blue Ridge Parkway (scenic bypass through mountains)
image 7:30pm Washington, DC Drove through the capitol, took a couple of photo ops.
image 11:00pm Salisbury, MD Arrived safely at Kathleen’s(Colleen’s Sister)
Su 1/17
Salisbury, MD Colleen and Kathleen sing at Church
2:30pm Salisbury, MD Departure
image 5:00pm Langhorne, PA Arrive at our good friends, the Getchells
image Wd1/20
Newark, NJ Fly to Toronto
image 11:30pm Toronto Fly to Tel Aviv, Israel
image Th 1/21
9:30am (CST)
5:30pm (Jer)
Tel Aviv, Israel Arrive

Lillian in the car.

The big question before this trip: How will Lillian do?  Well, I’m glad to report, she has been wonderful on this trip (so have the rest of the girls, even Colleen!).





Up on Blue Ridge Parkway We attempted to detour onto the Blue Ridge parkway, a scenic detour through the mountains in Virginia.  We got 20 minutes down the road and met a roadblock due to snow and ice and had to turn back around.  Funny thing, Colleen and I tried to take this same path on our move to PA back in ‘94 but the truck broke down on that trip … for some reason the Robishaws are not meant to travel this road!

Washington Monument

A quick photo-op at the Washington Monument.  on our way to Kathleen’s.








Colleen and Kathleen singing "Amazing Grace"
Colleen and Kathleen sing Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound, at Kathleen’s Church this morning.










Group Picture at Kathleen's. A Last minute picture at Kathleen’s before heading out into the rain. 

Amazing, after 4+ days in the car, everyone is still smiling!







God is good, all the time.

Headed off to our good friends in PA. 


Tina said...

Okay, so wouldn't you know, I listened and I cried. Excellent and beautiful job Colleen. Good to keep updated on the journey.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you! :) Ann and Rick

Ann said...

I knew you could sing, but your sister also sings beautifullY!

BTW: I'm not getting the emails when you post things! Help!