Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Home away from Home

Posted by Colleen

Eric will have his last final tomorrow morning at 8am. Then he is gone for 6 days roughing it with the Bedouins—cool, uh?

We have had many ask about our home so the girls and I have put together a short video for you.


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Hope you enjoyed that!

Questions for the Robishaws

Have you wanted to know something that we haven’t covered in our blogs? Are there things you wonder about that we left unclear? Wouldn’t it be fun to have you guys send in your questions and us post the answers, if we know them? Now that we have almost 4 months under our belts we thought we would give it our best shot. So many of you have had such great questions—things we don’t think to share. A week should give you enough time to send them in and that way we can post the answers before we leave on our “trip around Israel” before we fly out. So, send us your questions by May 12th and we will post answers on May 13th.

Now send in your questions! We are looking forward to them.

Shalom Ya’ll


midspoint said...

OOOOH, a week...what can I come up with in a week... muwahhhaaahaaa...
I'll need my Israeli thinking cap... :)

Beth said...

Those were fun videos to watch! It was very nice to see where you've been hanging your hat for the past four months. The girls look great and are such wonderful tour guides! Colleen, you looked great too! I enjoyed seeing you Sis! You too Eric - a bit too studious though.. = )

Nanny said...

Just off the top of my head right now, these are my questions:
1. Did you ever really SEE the piano man? Did anybody else hear him playing the piano?????? Just couldn't resist that!
2. Did you ever get a chance to share your beautiful voice with a church, Eric's classmates, the piano man, etc.??? Please take a picture of you standing in the Via de la Rosa and I will pretend you are singing. OK?
3. What was your experience attending a church service there?
4. What was your scariest experience???
What person or people scared you?
5. Besides friends and family, what have you missed the most about the USA? (When we lived in Fairbanks, I missed the sun, the beach, and of all games (and I don't even understand football!!).
6. Is there something you wished you had seen or done? What would you do differently next time?
7. What are the top 3 grandest experiences that you have had..(i.e.riding the camel?)
That's all for now. I loved the videos of seeing everyone in action!!! I loved Colleen and her braids....should keep that look! I loved the miniature kitchen and bathroom..just enough room for the necessities, right?
8. How many families lived in your building?
9. How about a picture of the solar water tank..we might be getting them here before long!

Cindy graduates from Rogers State U. tomorrow. It will be a grand grand day after all these years of studying. Say a prayer or her.

Love, Mom

Angela said...

I loved watching the videos!! Its fun to see where you guys have been living! Was the shower as small as it looks..inside? It looked tiny! Love you guys!