Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T.L.C. Trivia Challenge?

IMG_1450Posted by Tally, Lillian, and Celine

“Little children, let no one deceive you: The one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as Jesus is righteous.” I John 3:7

Shalom Ya’ll! Well, we only have a few more weeks in Jerusalem. We have learned so much. Lillian says thing like “can we have gummy worms with Shabbat dinner” and “ani rotsa mashahoo (I want something).” Those are things we hear all the time. We will forever have a part of Israel in us.  We wanted to give you a shot at seeing if you have gained anything through reading our blog.

We have put together a little identification game that we hope will be fun. If you want to participate, just send us an e-mail with your answers by the corresponding numbers. We hope you enjoy playing! We will announce the winner of the contest in 1 week on May 4th and publish the answers.

*Questions that will be used in case of a tie.

image 1.
What is this?
*Why do some have 7 and some have 9 holders?
IMG_0323_thumb[1] 2.
What is the man holding?
image 3.
What mountain are we looking at?
image 4.
What is this?
*On what holiday is this the staple?
image 5.
What is the green bin?
IMG_0231_thumb[1] 6.
Who is mom standing next to?
*Where are they standing?
image 7.
What is this? 
*Do you know what is it used for?
image 8.
Who is this?
image 9.
What is this?
IMG_0306_thumb 10.
What street are we climbing up? *Who are we with?
image 11.
What is this man wearing?
image 12.
What is this symbol?
image 13.
What are these called by the Jewish people?
*What do we call them in the US?
100_9995_thumb[4] 14.
Who’s house are we looking at?
*What is the name of the street?
image 15.
What is this?
*When is it used?
image 16.
What do you call the strings hanging down from under the boys’ shirts?
image 17.
What is this structure called?
*Where is it located in Jerusalem?
image 18.
What is this furry thing?
image 19.
What is the language?
*What is this document for?
image_thumb[9] 20.
What is this?
*Where did we see a similar one?
image 21.
On what holiday do you see this?
*Who is it named for?
image 22.
What do you call the metal thing attached to this door frame?
*Name some places you find them.
image 23.
What building is this?
image 24.
What is this IDF soldier doing?
image 25.
What is this?
image 26.
What neighborhood is this?
*What is the name of the windmill?
image 27.
Where can you find these in abundance?
*How many of these did we have before moving to Jerusalem?
image 28.
What gate is this?
*Where are you when you enter?
image 29.
Who is this?
image 30.
What is this?
image 31.
What is this? (Hint: If you can read Hebrew, the word above the crest will help.)
image 32.
What is the building in the top-center?
*Name of the valley below?
image 33.
What building is this?
image 34.
What is this?
*What is it made of?
image 35.
What is this?
image 36.
What does this say?
image 37.
Who is this?
*In most of the stories he tells, what grade is he in?

Shalom Ya’ll!


Aunt Kaka said...

Is this an open book or closed book test? ;)

Eric Robishaw said...

Try it w/o first. Then, if you want, use any source you have. Most importantly, have fun!
Tally, Celine and Lillian (TLC)

Nanny said...

This is a wonderful idea!!!! I'm going to start fresh on it in the morning. I should have an advantage since I have printed off most of your blogs. Right?

Love, Nanny

Carole L Robishaw said...

I just sent in my answers. I got some right off without any help, others took me until today to find. And there are a couple I couldn't find. I spent about 2 hours on that bag, trying every food I could think of that I remembered you mentioning.

It was fun.