Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There's Now A 12 Year Old In The Robishaw Household!

By Tally

On Monday March 1st I turned the experienced age of 12 (or so my Grandma calls it). It wasn't a very cheery day outside, it was pouring down rain. Dad had school in the morning, while we took it slow at home. After eating breakfast I read for a while before we went down the street to get some groceries and ice cream.



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When we came home I read some more until dad came home (The Fellowship of The Rings). Then Celine and Lillian gave me a beautiful pinkish salmon colored stone Mezuza. And Mom and Dad gave me a fish Webkinz (I guess I'm still a kid at heart) and an awesome bag that literally screams Jerusalem. Celine and Lillian made a Barbie doll house and I made Mezuza's for it.

IMG_0373 The Screaming Jerusalem Bag.

Tally is scratching her arm with Mom’s new back scratcher.

After some lunch we headed out to get a cake as we had a bit of Cabin Fever. We had seen a cake at a pastry shop on the intersection of Ben Yehuda and Jaffa St so that's where we headed. We discovered a short cut that leads us right past the Prime Ministers house. It's totally secure with every street that leads to it blocked off by poles that stick out of the ground but can be let down if a car needs to get by, and those long stick thingys that you see at the entrances and exits of car garages (that if you go backwards you get a flat tire).

Instead of going in regular garb we headed out in our Purim costumes since it was still Purim. Anyways, at first we didn't see anyone out in their costumes, but then we got to the crazy 5 way intersection of King George St. There was this group of guys dressed up as very shapely women. With one you had to look at him at least 3 times before you finally realized that he was a guy. He had make up, a dress, a very convincing wig, high heels, and jewelry on. He also had a formed chest. We thought it was hilarious! I had kinda forgotten where the pastry shop was. But thankfully mom of all people remembered where it was. WHEW.

We stopped for a while to people watch where crazy on-top-of-car dancing was going on. It was really funny seeing the Orthodox Jews dancing like they had no care in the world. With their long curly side burns flapping all around. Then Lillian realized that she had to go to the bathroom so we hurried over to the coffee shop to see if we could use their  bathroom. They let us, thank heaven, otherwise there would have been an accident. A few doors down was Sam Books, the pastry shop.

There were so many cakes to choose from that I must have stood there for at least 5 minutes just deciding which one. I would think that I had decided on one then some one would mention another one and I would have to choose all over again. I finally decided on a cheese cake with berries on it.

On the way home we got a few slices of Sbarro pizza on Jaffa St. When we got back home we were tired and ready for cake and ice cream. The cake was definitely cheese cake, but the after taste was like whip cream. It was delicious. The ice cream was chocolate and vanilla flavored. Very icy and disappointing, but Lillian liked it. After we finished eating we watched Iron Man, then went to bed.

Happy 12!

 Cheese Birthday Cake for the 12 Year Old!

Happy Birthday.

On Wednesday we went to this restaurant called Foccaccia Bar. We ordered a Goat cheese pizza with spinach and goat cheese on it, and a Goose breast and cheese foccaccia. Foccaccia is a type of delicious bread, which you can order with or without toppings. Goose breast has it's own special taste, but it also tastes like every normal meat combined. Dad thinks it tastes a lot like bacon. It's really weird, but good. Because it’s meat from a bird you can have it with cheese, whereas other types of meat cannot be combined with cheese and remain kosher.

IMG_0170 Waiting for the delicious food to arrive at Foccaccia Bar.
IMG_0169 Now we’re talking!  Food!

The water at this restaurant is served in wine bottles – a cute novelty.

Shalom from your favorite blogger,


Kathleen said...

Awesome! Happy Birthday Tally. Sounds like you had an interesting day.

The Cheese Cake - do you mean Cream Cheesecake or some other kind of cheese?

The Focaccia Bar sounds VERY yummy!!

Love ya!

Tina said...

Sure, the water is served in wine bottles. Is that what you are supposed to say now. ha! ha! Well, we love you Tally and are glad that you got to share some of your birthday day with us. We talked about you in Sunday School the other day when Laura and Trent were doing a sword drill. Trent can still imitate you so well. We miss you!

linda78768 said...

Happy 12th Birthday! So is your birthday on the 16th? Your 2nd Cousin Devin just turned the reverse of your # 21 on the 15th.
Love reading about all of your experiences!

Love to all
Aunt Linda (your Grandpa Bill's much younger sister)

Nanny said...

Sorry I missed your birthday on March 1, Tally, but I was kinda busy "spreading the wealth" here at the hospital. I will have a new knee to show off to you when you get home. This birthday in Israel will be one you will always hold special.

Love, Nanny